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This was taken a few days ago in the rose garden at Central Park in Schenectady, NY



While the trees are starting to show traces of fall colors, these roses are still here.

Rose of Sharon in bloom
Apparently this plant is delicious to the groundhog living under the shed…
…And apparently this plant is not delicious to the groundhog living under the shed.


Another round of roses
Delicate colors


Garden update:


About to bloom.

In the spring I planted a bunch of Rose of Sharon along a fence in the backyard. All various sizes, they came from my mom’s house except for this one below:

That one came from the side of my house and was full of green leaves when I decided to move it. Once planted, the leaves promptly fell, like all the ones I planted. But one by one the plants came back except for this one. I kept watering it anyway because Rose of Sharon just seem to be able to handle anything. And wouldn’t you know this is what I found this week on the last one to bounce back:


These photos are from yesterday morning’s walk through the Rose Garden in my local city park.
I am always in awe of the beauty of this place. And this year with so much upheaval and pain, here this place still is being cared for.
There were volunteers working and chatting with people coming through. The people said thank you and how they love this time of year, the volunteers said it was something they just loved to do.


Roses along the shed





From the yard.

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