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Above is this week’s photo for Monochrome Madness hosted on . The theme for this first week of October is door and so I submitted the door to my home. Below is the photo in color along with a drawing for the day.




Drawing of the day above and below is just a little dressing up of a little temporary construction at my house. I see sheetrock walls and they are so easy to draw on. My grandfather had the same affliction.



Here’s a look at a mural I’ve been helping with:image image image image image image


image image image



Here’s an update on my drawing-on-closet doors project. I was going to keep the drawings just in black and white but then I decided to add a bit of blue for a pop of color. The drawings were all based on Hiroshige paintings.



Here is a picture of a sketch I did on the back of a door and below is a picture after I inked it. It’s based off of a Hiroshige painting.



Picasso's Don Quixote

This summer’s project was on a smaller scale. I always liked Picasso’s Don Quixote and so I drew the picture onto 2 pieces of wood so they can get hung up staggered once the poly is added. There is this empty space on the wall in the screened porch that just needed something.


Al Hirschfeld floor


This summer project from 3 years ago is a mural made up of drawings based on Al Hirschfeld’s work. Al Hirschfeld is one of my favorite artists and it was easy to think how to fill the space by the door that leads to a screened porch. The actual project took about the whole summer because I first sketched it out in pencil and then went over it in black Sharpie. The final step was adding a couple coats of poly so the area matched the rest of the hardwood floor.



This was a summer project I did 2 years ago. Years and years ago you could look out the windows and see the lake but the trees across the road have gotten so tall that you can barely see the lake anymore. So I took stained glass paint and made a lake scene across the windows in the front room. I chose just to use the bottom half because the scene was spreading across all of the windows. I think it would have been too much to use all of the windows entirely, especially since I was new to trying stained glass paint.



London/Seville Sydney

For the past few years I’ve been doing different art projects at my uncle’s place at the lake. I still have to start this summer’s project but above is what I did last year in the kitchen. On chalkboard paint I sketched out the city skylines of London, Seville, and Sydney. I used liquid chalk markers for most of it but they run out quick so then I just used regular chalk.

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