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Above is from last night’s Holy Thursday Mass at the Church of St. Adalbert in Schenectady, NY. After the mass, there was a simple supper held in the Parish Hall, which hasn’t been done in at least 7 years. The hall had been rented to a school district during that time.

It’s a surreal experience returning to a place for an event that is just like it used to be. It’s all the same and different at the same time. My sister kept saying how she could practically see us as kids standing there at the door handing out programs or running up there to the third floor gym where we would run around some more to avoid listening to guest speakers after a church breakfast.

A woman who’s got to be pushing 90 sat down with us, saying that her older sister had such a crush on our grandfather — how he was just the nicest and most handsome man.

The timelessness of holiday traditions really makes you remember and note the passing of time.



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    Handsome grandfather & so, beautiful granddaughters & handsome grandson.

    Robert T. Chelkowski


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